A specialized monthly marketing service catering to the people that send you business!

Business is all about relationships. A personal relationship with every concierge and front line referral person in your target feeder territory is time consuming and ever changing. The OBCG fosters those relationships for you. OBCG gives you the power of a full time sales person with a fee many times less than it costs in gas to make the rounds.

A monthly calendar of events personalized with back up tracking materials will drive the customers you need and provide a much needed service for front line referral personnel. The response has been exciting and met with great anticipation.

OBCG has done its homework and leg work for you. Create your own specials and events or the company can suggest some for you. Contributions to the monthly calendar will be collected, printed and personally distributed by a representative to your feeder territories. The information will also be available online.

Artwork and printing is also available for your brochure/cards/discounts. OBCG has an in-house creative group to foster your style and promote your ideas. Programs can be customized to your needs. With over 35 years-combined hospitality experience, you can’t afford to pass it up.

Availability to participate in the CFC is limited. Apply online for consideration to participate in our program.

A representative will contact you for an appointment or call direct (727) 647-8181